The Burning Giraffe


A description of ‘The Burning Giraffe:   It was painted in 1937 by Salvadore Dali. 

There’s a body with drawers coming out of its legs and chest. The figure appears to be being held up by some sort of scaffold-like structure from behind.

Behind this figure is another, similar looking one. This one has no drawers but does have the same scaffold-type contraption behind it, but more intense. It also has what appears to be branches growing out of its head. It’s holding something in its hand. A dagger? A piece of material? I don’t know. Oh, and let’s not forget the giraffe in the background that is on fire. The paintings namesake: The Burning Giraffe. Continue reading

A Little Advice…


Most of us are lucky enough to have some great colleagues; they’re friendly, helpful and make what might otherwise be a dull working day, bearable.

Then there are others. People who make you wonder how it is possible in this day and age for supposedly intelligent and qualified people to be so socially and professionally inept. Don’t worry help is at hand. Below is some advice to help you deal with your dodgy colleagues. Continue reading



If, like me, your main mode of travel is public transport, you may have noticed an increasing number of angry and damn-right ignorant people inhabiting our streets. I live in London so add a dash of impatience and an extreme lack of manners to the average Londoner’s existing sense of self-importance and you have a recipe for disaster.

I’m no therapist but I don’t have to be to know that behind the torrent of abuse over one seemingly innocent slight is something much bigger. Continue reading

Modern Times, Victorian Minds.


(First published March 24th 2013)

On Saturday, I awoke to the news that Ukip were announcing their plan to prohibit benefit claimants from purchasing cigarettes and alcohol at their party conference later on in the day. Coincidentally, I have also just finished reading ‘Shadows of the Workhouse’ by the late Jennifer Worth. It occurred to me that attitudes towards poorer members of society by the majority of politicians and, sadly, many members of the public today are no different to the attitudes of many people in Victorian England. Continue reading

Fat, Fair and Freeloading



(First Published January 2013)

Something seems to have happened. It seems that at some point it was decided that singling out and launching verbal, physical and even financial attacks on certain groups of people is okay now. Attacks on people based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability is still frowned upon but apparently some people are fair-game namely the overweight, those with ginger hair and benefit recipients. Continue reading