An Open Letter to Gold Diggers…

PIGGYimages I am writing to you because I feel that for far too long your actions have been overlooked by society as a mere annoyance rather than the disgusting, evil, gluttonous and almost criminal behaviour that it actually is. Continue reading

The Power to Write Compels Me…

typeimages “Dance like no one is watching”.
Have you heard that phrase before? I have, and I love it. It’s great advice in a literal and figurative sense. Literally, when you dance as if no one is watching, be it in a club or in the privacy of your own home, you may look like a complete maniac but you feel so much joy in the moment. The music is great, you’re not restricted by your inhibitions and once those endorphins kick in you’re on a complete high. Continue reading


images 2 There has been some talk for a while about people socialising more online than in person resulting in changes to the way we communicate.

Personally, I still prefer actual human contact – just in very small doses, and I’m not alone in this.

Unsurprisingly, people like us are often labelled anti-social or unsociable at times and, in all honesty, I too have described myself as such, but upon further investigation I have come to realise that actually, with the right people and in the right circumstances I am actually very sociable. It’s not people I have a problem with per se but rather the bullshit that they can sometimes bring with them. For the most part people are fine but every now and then you meet a few who make a lifetime of isolation seem endearing. Take the following six types of people for example:
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