The Power to Write Compels Me…

typeimages “Dance like no one is watching”.
Have you heard that phrase before? I have, and I love it. It’s great advice in a literal and figurative sense. Literally, when you dance as if no one is watching, be it in a club or in the privacy of your own home, you may look like a complete maniac but you feel so much joy in the moment. The music is great, you’re not restricted by your inhibitions and once those endorphins kick in you’re on a complete high.

To ‘dance like no one is watching’ is good advice figuratively too. It’s the idea of doing something simply for the joy of it without concentrating too much on what other people think or feel – within reason, obviously. Whether it’s the choice to embark on a new career that runs contrary to what everyone thinks you should be doing, dating someone that everyone else thinks you shouldn’t be dating or dressing in a manner that goes against this thing called ‘the norm’, to ‘dance like no one is watching’ is to do what feels right for you.

writerimages I enjoy writing. I write things all the time, some of it good, some of it terrible. Most of it is never finished, quite a large amount never sees the light of day, some of it gets written for other people and a tiny bit of it is released via this blog. Were it not for my lack of confidence in my own writing ability I believe I may have written three or four books by now but that voice that keeps telling to quit while I’m behind is a loud son-of-a-bitch, so loud and so convincing in fact that I had recently made the decision to give up writing completely. It clearly isn’t for me and there are thousands of more talented and disciplined writers out there so why not let them do the hard work and I’ll just sit back and read what they produce?

A few days after this decision, someone upset me and without thinking about it, I took to my laptop and put all of my feelings down on the blank Word document. Expressing those feelings in writing got me thinking about some other things and within the next few days I had written and posted a blog – Anti-social?

Not too long after that, I wrote a poem. Why is this significant? Well, I used to write poetry all the time but for the past year or two my poetry cupboard has been bare. Now, I should make it clear that the poem I wrote recently was not a great poem but to just churn one out like that after so long was a little weird to say the least. Even weirder is the fact that since my decision, I have had tons of ideas for plays, short stories and blogs – ideas that were slow to come before.

So here it is: I am compelled to write.

tumbleimages I’ve been blogging on and off for a while and I can count on the head of a pin the number of friends and family members who read what I write without prompting, or even ask how my writing is coming along. My blogs attract the tiniest number of readers yet I still blog. I can’t help it because if I don’t, I feel like I’ve let myself down. It’s like going to the gym; it’s hard, it takes ages to see the benefits and when you know you have to go there’s suddenly a hundred other things that you need to be doing instead, but when you miss a session (or a few months worth of sessions where I’m concerned – I really need to fix that!) you feel incomplete. Yeah it’s sweaty and hard and it hurts for days but you feel great afterwards, like you’ve accomplished something and you’re all the better for it.

That’s what writing is like for me – I don’t write like no one is watching I write in spite of the fact that no one is watching. I can’t help it, the power to write compels me! (Ten points for anyone who can name the film I’ve borrowed and subsequently tailored this quote from). It’s likely that no one will read this post but that’s okay because writing it and sending it out in to the universe is something that I am compelled to do.

It’s done and I’m chuffed.

2 thoughts on “The Power to Write Compels Me…

  1. Great post!
    When I lost my mother & sister a large reason I made it through was because I poured all my feelings onto the blank page. No matter how tough things got I always felt better after I put that final period on that document.
    We write because it is a part of us!

  2. I’ve been saying for eyes I want to start a blog, but didn’t know how to start, you have inspired me. Also you need to give me some tips please!

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