An Open Letter to Gold Diggers…

PIGGYimages I am writing to you because I feel that for far too long your actions have been overlooked by society as a mere annoyance rather than the disgusting, evil, gluttonous and almost criminal behaviour that it actually is.

Given the nature of people like yourself, you probably believe that this letter is meant for other people and not you so let me clarify so that it’s absolutely crystal clear: You married for money and status; you contributed the bare minimum to the relationship but took as much as you could – emotionally as well as financially – although this still isn’t enough. You’ve actively destroyed the healthy relationships that your spouse had with friends and family – including the relationship your spouse had with their child(ren) because as well as being lazy and greedy you are also deeply insecure, and you feel justified in your actions because you are a sick and twisted individual with a warped sense of right and wrong and no morals whatsoever.

Perhaps you come from a long line of gold diggers. Maybe your mother picked the pockets of the men she had drunken sex with in public toilets on Saturday nights; or your father was a lazy bum who lacked ambition and pride so was quite happy to take from his hardworking girlfriends/spouses never contributing anything in return. If this is the case, I feel genuinely sorry for you because how on Earth could you know any better?

Of course I don’t believe that this is the case for many of you and even if it is, it still doesn’t excuse your behaviour because you’re an adult now and therefore responsible for your own actions.

SWAGimages You may find this hard to understand but you are no different from a common thief. Thieves feel entitled to take what doesn’t belong to them. They mug people, break in to people’s homes, hack people’s bank accounts, clone credit cards, operate scams… These people are vile and so are you because you do exactly the same thing in your own way except you’re never imprisoned for your crimes.

Being married entitles each partner to fifty per cent of everything should they divorce, so technically you won’t be empty handed at the end of your scam. Sure, if all you did whilst married was lie on your back, avoid getting fat and crap out a kid or two for the sole purpose of ensuring your own financial stability then fifty per cent seems a bit much, but the law is the law and we must adhere to it. We should also remember that such a law was put in place to protect decent women who, when they were eventually granted the right to divorce, were left with nothing, despite their emotional, financial and practical contributions to the marriage.

The irksome thing however, is that for some of you, fifty percent isn’t enough. You want more and it’s this level of greed that bumps you up from just plain disgusting to pure evil. As a result of your divorce your child(ren) have been provided for (and quite rightly so) and you have been provided for (despite your laziness) but your beedy little eyes are scouring the accounts looking for more!

I was deeply saddened and then angered to learn of a situation where a gold digger made a claim for the inheritance of their spouses eldest child – the child of a previous marriage. The inheritance was in place prior to the gold digger’s entry on to the scene, yet the gold digger felt entitled to take in anyway. The gold digger stole from someone’s child! How can such behaviour be justified?
GDimages Monetary and material possessions aside, you people seem compelled, as a result of your own shortcomings, to cause emotional upset too. Unfortunately, because you have sociopathic tendencies you are oblivious to emotions and as such have no problem making what normal people consider to be unreasonable demands. Of those demands the sickest and most disgusting is insisting that your spouse has little or no contact with their children from a previous relationship.

I am absolutely sure that this next point will make no sense to you, even if you have children of your own because you have severe emotional problems but I will make the point anyway on the off chance that there is a tiny bit of humanity buried somewhere within your soulless body: The bond between a parent and child is as deep as it gets. Interfering with that bond purely to satisfy your own selfish needs is not only evil at its worst but is an act for which there is no redemption. Whatever or whoever is in charge be it God, Karma, the universe or any of the other belief, you will be punished. Of course, for you to succeed in breaking such a bond, your spouse would also have to be of a weak and shameful character but I’ll write to ‘Daft Dads and Malicious Mums’ separately.

For now we’ll focus completely on you because that’s the way you like it isn’t it? Everything is always about you because you’re a narcissist on top of everything else.

No one wants to be broke. We all dream of a life where we earn enough money for us not to have to worry about money; we all want nice things and we all want to live well. To achieve these goals most of us work hard – very hard to acquire what we have, even if what we have is very little. Sometimes, if we’re lucky we will meet someone and we’ll share what we have with each other. The key word here is share because decent people understand that a relationship is about two people working together, supporting each other and creating and/or bringing together families. In some cases, one partner may earn much more than the other, and that’s okay because what a person can’t provide financially they can provide emotionally, through love, support, recognition, patience, kindness and practical support.

I appreciate that this is an alien concept to you though and you’ll probably never change so let me leave you with this: Nothing good will come of the things you have stolen. That’s just how things work. On the surface it may look as if everything is going well for you. You may even believe that everything has worked in your favour but I assure you that is not the case. You have hurt people, broken sacred relationships and taken what was not rightfully yours. Sooner or later you will get what’s coming to you and trust me, it aint gonna be pretty.

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