Mis1There is something rather refreshing about being let down by the people closest to us. Sure, it’s upsetting at first, even hurtful but the experience teaches us a very important lesson.

When I say disappointments I’m not talking about minor disappointments here, but major, heart-breaking, gut wrenching disappointments where the person or people you trusted most in the world suddenly and very out of the blue turn on you. Continue reading

Who Are You?

self1My hope is that someone reading this may find what I have to say helpful. I’m pretty random when it comes to posts because different encounters, experiences, feelings and moods determine what I write, and while this may not be “professional” (most advice about blogging suggests that the blogger stick to a particular style and/or topic) I continue to blog in an arbitrary fashion because writing is a form of expression and when I do take the time to write something I want it to fully express how I’m feeling at that moment in time. Continue reading