Hair Molestation

File 08-07-2017, 21 08 43So what I’m about to write isn’t new, in the sense that countless black people have written about this issue before, but I’m going to add my two pennies worth to the conversation anyway.  Perhaps my contribution won’t be as articulate as others, and perhaps I won’t bring anything new to light but I’m willing to join the chorus of other people talking and writing about this issue until people get the message and change their behaviour accordingly.

Growing up, I remember countless women lamenting about how awful it was to have random strangers accost them in the street and, with no permission, start rubbing their pregnant tummies.  The women spoke and wrote about how intrusive and rude it was to be felt up by someone they didn’t know.  They spoke about pregnancy being uncomfortable enough without having their personal space invaded by some creepy nutter with no manners.

I think, for the most part, society now realises that it is absolutely not okay to stroke a stranger just because they happen to be pregnant.  This isn’t a community bump, there to be fondled by passers-by who happen to like babies.  It’s someone’s baby encased in HER body which, unless she has said otherwise, is not to be touched.

So why doesn’t the same apply to black people and our hair? Continue reading