Calm Down Dear, It’s Just a Post Code…

pexels-photo-167822In 1984 I lived in a council flat in a dodgy little place called Shoreditch.  As I was a baby at the time, my parents lived there too!

I have very fond memories of our time there; the neighbours, most of whom babysat me at one time or another; the lady next door with the Rottweilers and – for reasons only known to her and her family – a pet monkey; trying (and failing) to ride a bike in the hallway and, best of all, the parties!  It seemed like every week friends and family would congregate at our flat and it would always turn in to a party.  The sound system blaring, the flat packed full of people, alcohol, jokes…It was brilliant!

There were things that I was too young to notice at the time but that I found out about when I was older: the queue of people outside on the balcony waiting to buy drugs from the dude next door; or the fact that one of the kids my parents forbade me from hanging around with had fleas (that kid belonged to ‘Rottweiler woman’ who, I later found out to my eternal disgust, used to let the dog have her puppies on the fur coat that she always wore but never washed).  I was protected from all of that nonsense and even though there were a few… shall we say, eccentric sorts in the area it was generally a safe and really friendly place. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Gold Diggers…

PIGGYimages I am writing to you because I feel that for far too long your actions have been overlooked by society as a mere annoyance rather than the disgusting, evil, gluttonous and almost criminal behaviour that it actually is. Continue reading



If, like me, your main mode of travel is public transport, you may have noticed an increasing number of angry and damn-right ignorant people inhabiting our streets. I live in London so add a dash of impatience and an extreme lack of manners to the average Londoner’s existing sense of self-importance and you have a recipe for disaster.

I’m no therapist but I don’t have to be to know that behind the torrent of abuse over one seemingly innocent slight is something much bigger. Continue reading